Red & Gold, Pure Elegance!

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Colors and topper can be personalised in color and message. 2 Tier sizes can be negotiated

Moist and fluffy sponge. Choose any flavour from our list. You can also choose a different color at the top.

Unsalted butter, Sugar, Eggs, elf raising flour, Baking powder, Milk, Vanilla extract, Egg, salt, buttermilk, and Swiss Meringue Buttercream
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About the Baker
Wendy Jo Baking
My philosophy is a simple one: everything I make is made from scratch, using only the best quality ingredients. You will find that everything I bake or cook is made with love, with flavour and quality as my absolute priorities. I grew up in my grandmother’s kitchen surrounded by pots, pans and her love of food. My grandmother was an extraordinary woman and every plate of food that has ever left her kitchen was beautiful. By her side I’ve learned the language and power of good food and how it can make you smile and warm the heart.
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