Mini Jardin Potted Cupcakes

from $120
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minimum quantity order is 24 pieces of these delicately handpiped buttercream flowers in delicious, light and sugar-reduced Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Gift your loved ones a box of these mini-sized garden themed cupcakes in your choice of Chocolate / Vanilla base cupcakes, topped with variety of buttercream handpiped blooms such as; roses , mini rosebuds, hydrangeas, chrysanthemum and apple blossoms.

Eggs, Chocolate, Vanilla extract, Plain flour, baking soda, Baking powder, Yogurt, Granulated Sugar, Water, Vegetable oil, Unsalted butter, Egg whites and Food Colouring
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About the Baker
Sue Chin
a self taught "flourist" who takes pride in m/b(aking) edible bakes, pretty! #makesomeonesmile
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