Earn money baking on getFoodi
Bakers use the extra income to go on holiday, upgrade their kitchen equipment or fund other passions
Become a Baker
Sign up to bake
Start by setting up your business profile, it's like a storefront
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Create Offerings
You'll fill out a cake description, upload photos, and pick a starting price for each of your designs.
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Managing Expectations
You set your availability for when you can bake and how much notice you need for each offering
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Upload Certifications
If you need help with setting up an ABN and public liability insurance, we're around to help out.
Foodies find your cakes and request
You'll be notified when they do, asking you to confirm
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Message your customers
Message the customer in the chat to understand the exact requirements
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Planning for logistics
Plan with the customer for an appropriate location and time for pickup or delivery
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Confirm Order
Confirm the request once you have confirmed that you will be available to bake
getFoodi Basics
Some bakers work all week, others, only the weekend, it's up to you
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Ingredients & Packaging
Most bakers provide an easy-to-carry cake box for easy transport to customers, and use fresh ingredients for each cake
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Handling Payments
getFoodi receives full payment for confirmed orders - you don't have to manage cake deposits or double check bank transfers
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How you get paid
Every week, the payments for orders made through the platform will be automatically sent to your designated bank account.
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Earnings & Fees
Creating offerings on getFoodi are free. getFoodi takes a service commission on each order confirmation.
Pricing 376a6a6593bb328a6091ddd6d149523d20488331854e90c3c2ba4213cb2cd0e4
How you price your offerings is up to you. It's typically a good idea to look at similar offerings on the site and compare.

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